ProsnegBike – hybrid of a bike and skis
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ProsnegBike is constructed to react to natural movements of a driver in a split second.

During 2018 winter test-drives ProsnegBike declared itself as a highly maneuverable full-featured vehicle and an interesting alternative to skis and snowboard.

Get new sensations, not like the rest!

For whom?
Now you can get incredible pleasure from the descent, perform various tricks and overcome difficult obstacles!
For experienced riders, snowboard and skis lovers.
For beginners who still dread of snowboard and skis.
For ski resorts: ready-to-go activity for guests' entertainment.
ProsnegBike features
  • 02 The articulated steering system
  • 03 High maneuverability
  • 04 Excellent snow grip
  • 05 You can disassemble it in 30 seconds
ProsnegBike is a full-fledged sports equipment, which is used for extreme descent from the mountain like on a snowboard or downhill skiing

ProsnegBike is produced in Russia with the best present day materials and in accordance with standards.

ProsnegBike developer: the "ADEMS" company, resident of Russian Export Center.

ProsnegBike is a hybrid of a bicycle and a ski, which uses a hinged steering system and front suspension, which allows for sharp turns and various stunts.

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Reviews ProsnegBike
Svetlana, Russia
I can not tell you how I had fun and not scary at all! I'm not a big fan of extreme sports. My husband leaves no attempt to put me on a snowboard, but I honestly can not say that I enjoy the process! But the ProsnegBike is a whole different story!
Anton, Russia
I have been skiing for almost 14 years now, and I know many skiers who have switched to the board ... But it didn’t work out, I understood, it’s better not to bother with a snowboard, it’s not like old age to twist tricks. ProsnegBike protest - excellent speed and handling, I didn’t even expect it to be honest! And the most important thing for me - the legs are not constrained by one board!
Igor, Russia
Smart device! What especially liked? Excellent turns, stability, and easy control, although the speed is decent. For the first time with a similar bike collided on a slope in the Czech Republic, it’s great that a manufacturer appeared in Russia who was able to realize the idea on a level! Appearance is great, the quality is impressive!
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